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Why host a Cosmic Monthly?

New customers, increased rounds on a slow weekday, increased cash flow and income, minimal effort

You've already got the course. Let's use it to spread good karma, let some players have some fun competing, and increase cash flow and sales in your store.

Bring new players, to your course 

With the series and low-key tournament aspects, new and seasoned players will both have a reason to play. We are giving these players a reason to visit the course, often for the first time ever.

Bring them to your course multiple times 

Each Cosmic Monthly winner and we pay half the field, will need to come back to the course/store to use their credit to your store. Business research indicates that a second visit is the toughest to get. If they play that second round, you have developed a new customer.

Increase traffic at an otherwise slow time 

Each Cosmic Monthly is held on Friday morning, sometimes spilling into the afternoon. This brings increased traffic flow to your course without interrupting busier weekend traffic.

Host a PDGA event with minimal effort 

The PDGA will give your course a rating as well as give each of the competitors a rating for their play that day. This is a good way to have several of your course configurations rated so visitors can know the best course for their level.

Increase sales at your shop 

Every player gets a $10 voucher to your store.

Contact us for more details...

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