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And away we go!!!

Well, day one of a great thing happened today. “Wow, a real disc golf pro shop”, is what one customer said upon his arrival today as if he thought he’d never see the day.

On a cold windy day in January, people did come to check out the store Some who just finished playing at Stafford. Some were replacing discs that were lost earlier today. Whatever the reasons people stopped in today, it was a cosmic experience all around.

It was really cool to see people find what they were looking for as far as acquiring a new disc or replacing an old one or getting some backups. I hope those discs bring some great luck and good fun times.

As a seller of disc golf I get to sell fun, health, and recreation...getting fresh air and relieving stress through physical activity. I love that!

Thanks to the many people that showed up today and/or will show up in the future. It was my honor and pleasure to serve your disc golf needs.

The store will be closed on Sundays and Mondays. Store hours for this week will be posted soon!

Cosmic Disc Golf will evolve over time and become more cosmic every week. Day one was a nice starting point though.

Thanks again!

See you soon.


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