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Progress every day!

Well, It's been a very exciting Cosmic time lately. The store is evolving every week. Tournaments are being scheduled. Custom shirts and discs are being created. A team of sponsored players will be announced soon.

Something New:

Today we will be open late (until 8PM) for those who cannot get here before 6PM. Our store hours will be generally changing as the seasons change and as needed.

Recycling Used Discs and Bags:

Used discs are currently for sale as we have been taking used discs in exchange for store credit. We will also be recycling used bags and carts as they come in for trade credit as well.

Cosmic Tags:

Cosmic Tags are being created and will soon be made available. There will be a Cosmic Tag Kickoff Tournament held at Alcyon Woods on April 24th. Cosmic Tags will be used at Cosmic leagues and tournaments for those interested in participating. Cosmic Tagholders will enjoy additional perks to be announced soon...


We received some 2021 Tour Series Discraft Discs last week. Limited supplies remain. More MVP/Axiom/Streamline discs are coming in next week. We still have some Prodigy Kevin Jones (A3) and Chris Dickerson (FX2) specialty discs in stock. Also we still have plenty of Paul McBeth (Hades, Zeus, Malta, Zone, Buzzz, Luna, Avenger SS, Force) and Paige Pierce (Nuke, Fierce, Sol, Undertaker) and Brodie Smith (Bro-D Roach, "Get Freaky" Zone) signature discs.

Website and Online Store:

The website is being completely redone in the background. The items that were posted on the site are now available in the retail store. The new website will focus on Cosmic branded discs and the many initiatives that will be acted upon this year.

Cosmic Initiatives:

- Cosmic Flight School (education and training)

- Cosmic Kids (youth focused programs, clinics and tournaments)

- Cosmic Health (promoting health and wellness)

- Cosmic Causes (charitable fundraising and awareness)

Thanks again for joining us on this Cosmic journey!!!



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