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Someone had to do it...

South Jersey was in need of a disc golf pro shop, so I made one! As a disc golfer myself, I was frustrated about the lack of availability to shop for new discs in person. So I created Cosmic Disc Golf.

Big box stores have limited options, but disc golfers want MANY options! Buying stuff off the internet can be tricky because you don't always know exactly what you will get. Colors may vary depending on where you shop...and you don't know what it feels like in your hands until after you bought it.

So now, this is happening...

Our pro shop will soon be open so you can put discs in your hands BEFORE you buy them. Our online store will be opening soon as well. If you see something on the website you like, you will be able to select the exact disc pictured in the photo. Nothing will vary.

Thanks for your patience as we get set up.

Have fun out there!



David Gralnick

Cosmic Disc Golf Founder and Captain

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