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We are looking for experienced TD's with good reputations (References Required)

  • Are you a Great TD?

  • Do your events sell out?

  • Do people wish you ran more events?


Get paid to run Cosmic branded events!

  • You set up Cosmic tournament to run in your area

  • We send you player packs, scorecards, signs and more

  • You run event

  • You put out signs, hand out player packs and scorecards

  • You distribute trophies (No Payouts) and finalize with PDGA

  • We send you payment (**Earn $500+ per event!)

How did you find us?
How many years have you been a TD? (Minimum one year experience required)
How may events have you run as TD (not Assistant)?
How many events can you run in the next year?

List 2 player references we may contact to verify your awesomeness...

By submitting this form I agree to be contacted by Cosmic Disc Golf about making the world a better place

Thanks for applying!
We will get back to you soon!

**Earn $500+ per SOLD OUT event with 72 players

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